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Your Website Should be a reflection of you!

What's your message? - When you create a website, you have the opportunity to convey a message about who you are, and what you or your company has to offer to those interested in your products or services. As a small business you can emphasize your connection to the community and the personalized service you have to offer.

Marketing Strategy - Your website is one of your best marketing tools because it enables you to reach a larger market than you would previously have had access to. And it allows you to supplement the information that your company may already be providing via its brochures, email messsages, newsletters, and personal contact.

Implementation - There are multiple ways to implement a website these days. It can be a custom designed site like my own. Or you can pick a webspace provider that has templates and themes for you to choose from. Another option is to Use a Content Management System such as Wordpress which also has many exciting templates and themes to choose from. I've had experience developing websites with all of these tools and it just depends on which one you feel is the best fit for you.

Content - A very important component of having a website is choosing the content to share with your customers, and deciding on the organization of that material including storyboarding the pages that you'd like to include, etc. Planning a site is as important as the implementation.

Presentation - The look and feel of the site is also important as it allows you to continue to evolve your company's brand by using colors and logos that reflect it. And making sure your website is responsive to the various screen sizes that it may be viewed on is now a necessity. Contact me and let's start working on your website today!!!

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