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Palm Beach State College CIW Classes or Private Tutoring

CIW Site Development Class:

The Site Development class runs for 6 weeks and introduces the new HTML 5 elements as part of a well rounded introduction to developing websites. Included is a good overview of the planning and markeing phases, and the use of CSS 1, 2 and 3 for formatting content. Other topics include GUI editors, server side and client side programming languages such as php and javascript, form elements and tables, and the use of the new HTML 5 APIs and structure tags. The class prepares you to take the CIW Site Development Associate certification exam.

CIW Network Technology Class:

The Network Technology class runs for 4 weeks and covers all aspects of computer networks and their associated technologies. It includes a hardware overview of the types of cables and standards used for inter-networking devices. Also covered are IP addressing and networking protocols, the OSI reference model, network services, and how to handle security and mainteneance issues. This class prepares you to take the CIW Network Technology Associate certification exam. Bringing a laptop (running the widows 7 or 8 operating system) to class to perform some of the labs is beneficial (especially for inter-networking) but not required.

CIW Internet Business Class:

The Internet Business class runs for 6 weeks and covers a number of topics with the goal of helping you to become more efficient and effective on the internet. It covers everything from career opportunities, social networking and blogging, the underlying technology of the web, using your browser more effectively including the use of the cloud, using multimedia on the web, databases and searching engines, the use of email and Personal Information Management PMI software, Security issues, use of the File Transfer Protocol FTP and other networking applications, to Program and Project Management concepts. The class prepares you to take the CIW Internet Business Associate certification exam.

CIW Advanced HTML 5 and CSS 3 Specialist Class:

The Advanced HTML 5 and CSS 3 class picks up where the CIW Site Development class leaves off and takes you to the next level in developing websites. It goes into detail on how to design webpages using Cascading Style Sheets CSS and has an in depth coverage of new the features introduced in CSS 3. Also covered are the new HTML 5 form tags and attributes, and client side programming using JavaScript. In addition, other topics related to JavaScript are touched on such as jquery, and Responsive Design is presented which makes your websites more mobile device friendly. This class is beneficial for both new and experienced web designers because of all the new and exciting topics associated with HTML 5 and CSS 3. This class prepares you to take the CIW HTML 5 and CSS 3 Specialist Certification Exam.

Deskside Coaching:

Deskside coaching is available as both a follow up to the CIW Classes, and for instruction on other computer topics as well. Coaching sessions can set up in one of the college's state-of-the-art computer classrooms for those interested. Coaching can include topics as simple as using email, or more advanced topics such as creating and setting up a website on a commercial webserver; designing with dreamweaver and photoshop; setting up and customizing wordpress websites including a custom front page, using it as a content management system, developing your own plugins, etc.; adding a database to your website; setting up and using a webserver, ftp server, list server, and mail servers on your home or office network, or using a free list server such as mail chimp or phplist, etc. that are available online.

Signing Up:

Anyone interested in signing up for any of these classes should call 561-716-9683. You can also register through Panther Web on the Palm Beach State College website. These classes are offered via CCE Corporate and Continuing Education.

More Information:

For more information about the above classes, call me at 561-716-9683.

Certification Exams:

We are also currently offering the CIW exams at the Boca Raton campus. Anyone interested should call 561-716-9683.

Future Class Offerings:

We will be offering new CIW classes as they become available.

In Conclusion:

Sign up for one of my classes and become more adept at using tools and applications that are increasingly useful in technology today!

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